Jugendparlament Bonn-Kaliningrad-Moskau in Sochi 2017

A video of the Jugendparlament Bonn-Kaliningrad-Moskau in Sochi 2017 at the WFYS 2017» read more

Together for Education

In order to promote the United Nations' campaign for worldwide education, Dr. Günther Meinel and Dipl. Ing. Andreas Hart, both representatives of “Diplomats International”, followed the invitation of the Technical Universities of Poland and attended the rectors’ conference in Gdynie.» read more

70 years of Politechnika Wroclaw

The organization Diplomaten International pursues the United Nations' campaign for worldwide education. Therefore, Diplomaten International celebrated the Politechnika Wroclaw jubilee of 70 years with great joy .» read more

The Mevlana Peace Award - 2015

By the nomination of President Dr. Günther Meinel and the organization Diplomaten International for the Mevlana Peace Award were honoured important projects aimed at promoting peace.» read more

The big prize of Turkey 2014

Turkey annually honors the „stars“ with the big prize of Turkey. Presidents of the state and high-ranking meritorious individuals have already received this meaningful prize. » read more

Appointment of Prof. Dr. Yunus Söylet

The organization „Diplomaten International“ engages solely members with exceptional capabilities. Experiences are very helpful and welcome in diplomacy. In this vein, also the Prof. Yunus Söylet, the rector of the biggest Turkish university, was appointed to be the honorary member on 25.11.2014.» read more

WAIPA World Congress on 14.05.2014 in Istanbul

130 countries participated in the World Congress hold by WAIPA (World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies) on 14.05.14. The congress demonstrated a clear shift in the economic balance of power. » read more

The problem of human rights in Northern Cyprus

The Organization INGO Diplomaten International enjoys the highest confidence and has internationally earned a high reputation due to its professionalism. It is also active in the United Nations. One of their work’s focuses constitutes the aim of the United Nations: To solve the problem of human rights in Northern Cyprus. » read more

Our new member: the entrepreneur Ali Agaoglu

The entrepreneur ALI AGAOGLU became a member of our organization on November 28, 2013. Günther Meinel presented the certificate of appointment to Mr. Agaoglu.» read more

Honored companies for Turkey’s branded goods

Der Vorsitzende der INGO DMW Günther Meinel überreicht Frau Hülya Eskin den Preis für hervorragende Markenprodukte in der Nahrungsmittelproduktion des türkischen Familienunternehmens, dessen Produkte sich seit über 30 Jahren in der Türkei bewährt haben und seit 15 Jahren auf dem europäischen Markt gefragt sind.

It is our duty to improve our economic ties with Turkey and other countries as this is a prerequisite for the development of social structures in a society. The balance between people and economics must always be maintained so that the special demands of both sides are met. » read more

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