Membership of INGO Diplomaten International (Diplomats International) DMW

Our guiding principle is to act in accordance with international law and promote international understanding.  Our mission is to maintain peace and cooperation between peoples.

Members of the INGO Diplomaten International (Diplomats International) are individuals who see it as their duty to play an active role in and support international understanding. The organization brings together people who deal with each other in matters of diplomacy and maintain a community of values.

The individuals who belong to the INGO operate as transformers of overarching harmonization with mutual respect and esteem in the fulfillment of economic and social objectives. Individuals from the fields of economics, politics, culture, justice and other areas of public life are also members, as are accredited diplomats.

Our members are active worldwide and in their home countries in Europe. We also have members representing their countries in Africa and the USA.

All members actively support the INGO and are committed to its cause, its objectives and its projects. Anyone who supports the philosophy of the INGO is welcome as a member. Our members support one another, not just in economic, legal and cultural matters, but also in a social context. They are committed to greater integration among peoples in Europe and beyond.