Worldwide meetings

Romanian energy industry

Rumänische Energiewirtschaft

The Chairman of the DMW, Günther Meinel, discussed projects in the energy industry with Romanian President His Excellency Traian Basescu.The President pointed out that EU membership is a major challenge but that the country will become a worthy member» read more

Cooperation with the Ukraine

Kooperationen mit der Ukraine

Visit from a Ukrainian business delegation.» read more

Meeting with Günter Verheugen

Treffen mit Günter Verheugen

Function at the Kurhaus Bad Elster on the tenth anniversary of Euregio. At an event to mark the ten-year anniversary of Euregio Egrensis, Chairman Günther Meinel met EU Commissioner Günther Verheugen and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Mares.» read more

Cooperation with Bulgaria

Zusammenarbeit mit Bulgarien

The Chairman of the DMW discussed projects in the areas of environmental improvement, medical technology and tourism development with His Excellency the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Georgi Parwanow.» read more

His Imperial Highness Dr. Prince Asserate

S.K.H. Dr. Prince Asserate

Projects for the coming year were agreed with His Imperial Highness Dr. Asfa-Wossen Prinz Asserate. After his bestseller "Manieren" (Manners), he published his second book in 2007.In addition to promoting support for Africa, both parties were involved in the hosting of a conference on the topic of "Islam - The Challenge of Our Century" in Bonn in June 2007. Prince Asserate has been an advisor to the DMW for six years.» read more

Activities with Russia

Aktivitäten mit Russland

In addition to the international focus the DMW eV is also concentrating on activities with Russia. This has a good tradition for 24 years now. The Chairman of DMW eV, Gunther Meinel, discusses with the Chairman of the DUMA of Moscow, Mr. Vladimir M. Platonov, how the image of Russia can be improved through education. Unfortunately, the economic boom is not well-known in Germany.» read more

Progress in EU enlargement

Projekte / Kooperationen

Talks between the EU Commissioner Mr. Günter Verheugen and Chairman Mr. Günther Meinel.The talks included discussion on an expanded Europe becoming the strongest and most innovative economic area with its new EU members. This historic opportunity, an expanded Europe, must be further exploited.» read more

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