Press Releases

The truth must be told!

Unfortunately, mass media fail to inform us about the actual situation due to the clash of interests. Besides, our smart leading politicians, as e.g. the foreign minister Frank Walter Steinmeier, do show some initiative, however was not able to get their own way, unfortunately. At the moment, the alarm bells are ringing so loud that nobody can miss them. » read more

Countries’ Convergence in Europe

Here you’ll get acquainted with some international activities of DMW. All conferences aimed at the countries’ convergence in order to be able to use the challenge and the chance to reach the economic success. » read more

The relationship to Russia

The chairman of INGO Diplomaten International, Dr. Günther Meinel, can unfortunately not accept the invitation of the Russian embassy to the conference “Russia’s Image – Myths and Reality” on 10th of October, since he is going to be in New York at the same time. There in the context of a panel discussion, he is going to speak before the United Nations. » read more

Doctorate confered on Günther Meinel by the American Girne University

Günther Meinel, President of the INGO - Diplomates International Organisation, was granted the doctorate of the American Girne University for his scientific work and studies on the topics "International Understanding" and "Internationalization".» read more

Respect for religion is an important factor when engaging in activities for peace!

As we are bound by the Charter of the United Nations, we have to deal with human rights critically on a day to day basis. The exercise of religious beliefs is a very important issue for us. The freedom to practice religion in peace must not be violated as long as religion has a major impact on peaceful coexistence. This is why churches are important and must be respected. A religion must be respected as long as it does not violate human and children's rights. » read more

Vigilance towards the media

One of the prerequisites of our organization is that we act according to international law, observe events in a non-political way and speak out when we have something to say even though it may be critical! » read more

Reports in turkish media

Turkish media reports regularly on the activities of the DMW Diplomats International:» read more

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