Summary of current DMW e.V. projects, which are being executed in collaboration with numerous cooperation partners and service providers.

The DMW e.V. has received an overwhelmingly positive response and endorsement for its objectives in bringing together key figures from the worlds of economics, politics and other areas of public life.

The association members have extensive experience in the development of the European market and have played a key role in international projects.


Along with the harmonization of technologies and economic conditions to create a win-win situation, the DMW e.V., as a non-governmental organization, is also committed to the harmonization of social structures in Europe. The DMW e.V. is involved in social development projects in areas such as education and health policy.


  • Promoting information, knowledge and education 
  • Developing European health care services


The DMW e.V. hosts events involving international organizations, institutions, political and economic elites as well as embassies and national ministries. Projects that aim to harmonize economic conditions across Europe are being carried out in close cooperation with the European Union.


  • Networking of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • International business meetings
  • Market launches of major enterprises
  • Advising government administrations


The DMW e.V. provides support for the economic and political aspects of projects in international markets, which are of benefit to the economy of a country and its citizens.


  • Establishment of an international transfer and trade center
  • EU managers & specialists