Talks with the Turkish Minister Egemen Bagis

Talks between the Turkish Minister for Europe, Egemen Bagis, and representatives of the INGO Diplomats International, Chairman Günther Meinel and board member Dr. Mehmet Köksal on May 21, 2013 in Ankara dealt with European integration. » read more

Important economy award for Dr. Elisabeth Decker

Dr. Elisabeth Decker

Our own Dr. Elisabeth Decker has won the most important award in Germany for medium-sized businesses, the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" – the Oscar of medium-sized businesses, as it is known to insiders, is a prestigious trophy that honors the management and performance of a company. A nomination alone is considered a brilliant achievement, but to actually win the award is a reason to feel delight and gratitude.» read more

Wake up – our diplomatic manifesto is based on negotiation

We are an independent and politically neutral organization that serves the promotion of human rights and understanding among nations only; however, we also love our own country and want it to move forward.» read more

Meeting with the former Secretary of State Dr. Norbert Blüm

On this exclusive evening for public servants which the BBBank organized on June 18 in Düsseldorf, the bank with which the INGO Diplomats International had announced cooperation in 2007 offered all participants exclusive added value on the topic of "Health and the public sector". » read more

Nicosia - the last divided city in Europe

The INGO Diplomats International has no political affiliations – it is committed to supporting human rights and promoting understanding between nations and cultures. These objectives were pursued during talks in Cyprus on January 21, 2013 to which DMW was invited as a mediator.» read more

Founder member Ambassador Dr. Harald Malmgren

A meeting with our founder member Ambassador Dr. Harald Malmgren, who has advised the government of the United States of America in a number of different roles, was a gratifying experience.» read more

Cooperation with the Istanbul Kemerburgaz University

Graduate in four yearsA "flagship" university as an example of international understanding! The INGO DMW has agreed to cooperate with the Kemerburgaz University.» read more

The New Year reception in the General Consulate, Istanbul on January 19, 2013

The DMW and Köksal office table was visited by influential German and Turkish personalities.» read more

Dialogue with Islam is the necessary basis for peaceful cooperation between religions and nations

Dialog mit dem Islam

The INGO Diplomats International, represented by its Chairman Günther Meinel, continued the talks that began a year previously with His Excellency Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez, the Islamic religious leader, on September 24, 2012 in Istanbul. Both sides expressed their conviction that only relaxed dialogue and understanding between religions can form the basis for successful peace negotiations.» read more

Departure of Consul Malgorzata Wejtko

Cooperation with the Republic of Poland has a long tradition. This cooperation has been cultivated and developed since 1979. Considerable economic success, especially in the areas of health and the production of consumer goods and food, has been achieved bilaterally.» read more

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