Together for Education

In order to promote the United Nations' campaign for worldwide education, Dr. Günther Meinel and Dipl. Ing. Andreas Hart, both representatives of “Diplomats International”, followed the invitation of the Technical Universities of Poland and attended the rectors’ conference in Gdynie.

„Diplomats International" and the partner organization „Diplomatic Council“ both hold the Special Consultative Status to the UN, the highest status a non-governmental organization can reach. With their board of experts they suggest new projects to the UN and attend the conferences of ECOSOC.

The host organization of the conference in Poland, KRPUT-Rectors, is a democratic and state-funded organization that allocates its services to science. They focus on the supervision of the quality of teaching at Polish colleges and universities. Furthermore they are in control of the accreditation committee as well as the National Centre for Research and Development of the scientific tasks of the country.

The chairman, Prof. Tadeusz Więckowski, is one of the most distinguished scientists of Poland.  

Dr. Meinel, president of “Diplomats International” was not only invited to attend but to also hold a speech. It was one of his main concerns to praise Prof. Więckowski’s commitment to the education of excellent skilled employees at Technical Universities in Poland. Dr. Meinel thus appointed Prof. Więckowski to the Honorary Board of “Diplomats International”. His voice in the UN campaign for worldwide education will thus carry even more weight. In the context of his work for the Technical University Wroclaw he has been pursuing intensively the promotion of education of scientists in Poland. In his speech, Meinel stressed the importance of education, especially for countries that are poor in natural resources and raw materials. It’s especially here where education can be the most important resource, according to Meinel. A good education gives all people access to better living conditions. Knowledge is the currency for countries to assert themselves on the global market. Meinel also introduced the programs and education goals that will be enabled by experimental systems for a practical education of engineers in industry and economy. 

Andreas Hart, member of the board of “Diplomats International” and CEO of the Lucas-Nülle GmbH, stressed in his speech the importance of experimental educational systems for engineers and pointed to the successful cooperation with many Technical Universities all over the world. 

His business partner and fellow member of the board of “Diplomats International”, Dipl. Ing. Rolf Lucas-Nülle unfortunately could not attend the event. However, he passed on the best wishes to the rectors via his colleagues.  

Not only Prof. Więckowski was given the honors but also Magistra Joanna Pajak. As the director of International Relations at the university Politechnika Wroclaw she has been in charge of the international cooperations for years. She organizes and records all protocols, workshops, conferences and meetings. She was appointed “Director for the cooperation with Poland” of Diplomats International for her merits in building strong partnerships between Polish universities and other organizations. Shortly after her appointment, Ms. Pajak had new ideas for further cooperation, such as a press conference for professional exchange in Cologne. 

It was a very successful conference, all in line with the credo of “Diplomats International”: For international understanding, for education and for peace keeping!

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Teilnahme am Gipfle durch Einladung in New York, Sept. 2015
Akademia Morska
Dr. Meinel spricht
Der Rektor und Präsident der Technischen Universitäten Polens
Polen, Rektorenkonferenz Gdynia
Polen, Rektorenkonferenz Gdynia
Ehrung Prof. Więckowski
Ehrung Prof. Więckowski
Andreas Hart spricht
Joanna - Ehrung durch Präsident Meinel
Sicherheitsrat der Vereinten Nationen