Appointment of Prof. Dr. Yunus Söylet

The organization „Diplomaten International“ engages solely members with exceptional capabilities. Experiences are very helpful and welcome in diplomacy. In this vein, also the Prof. Yunus Söylet, the rector of the biggest Turkish university, was appointed to be the honorary member on 25.11.2014. The president Dr. Günther Meinel personally handed over the certificate of appointment to the professor. In his position Professor Yunus Söylet has an essential bearing on Turkey’s education system. Numerous numerous projects that he presented us reflect that. The collaboration between our organization and Prof. Söylet exists since 2011.

Weitere Bilder:

Dr. Günther Meinel überreicht die Berufungsurkunde an Herrn Prof. Dr. Yunus
Dr. Günther Meinel gratuliert Herrn Prof. Dr. Yunus
Zahlreiche Treffen erfolgten bis zur Ehrenmitgliedschaft
Rektor Prof. Dr. Yunus Söylet erläutert seine Projekte