Founder member Ambassador Dr. Harald Malmgren

A meeting with our founder member Ambassador Dr. Harald Malmgren, who has advised the government of the United States of America in a number of different roles, was a gratifying experience.

Our chairman, Günther Meinel presented Ambassador Dr. Harald Malmgren with a certificate of appointment as advisor to the board of the INGO and expressed a desire for see further impetus in the development of the organization.

Dr. Harald Malmgren is recognized worldwide as an expert on investment in world trade. He currently advises governments. He began his public service in President Kennedy's administration as an advisor to the Secretary of Defense. Under President Johnson, he became the first Assistant US Trade Representative. He left his position as a highly regarded advisor to the US government and taught at some of the TOP universities in the USA. As a research associate, he worked with the Nobel Prize winner Thomas Schelling and completed his PhD with summa cum laude. He worked with the Nobel Prize winner Sir John Hicks at Oxford where he wrote a number of internationally regarded scientific works. Several renowned universities tried to recruit him. However, he went to work in the economy and developed strategies for international groups, banks and SWFs. He is currently a popular advisor and lecturer in the area of global financial market research.

Ambassador Dr. Harald Malmgren has contributed so much to our understanding of economic behavior, something that fills us with pride. We also receive good advice that prompts us to think about our common strategies.